Frenchattack is back! After a very very long hiatus, we finally finished the new website. Big up to my men Tony and Pal for the making of this new version.
Some new features? Automated and direct way of buying with the SHOPPING CART is the main change, no need to contact us and send back to back email, now what you see is what you can get in a minute.
We also add a SEARCH SYSTEM so if you’re after a specific artist or title you can find it directly.
We also added sub sections so you can go directly on the specific genre you’re after…or just go through all the records. Also, records can now be found on several different sections.
You will notice we finally created a FACEBOOK page, and you can also register to our MAILING LIST, so you can follow us and have the major news here and there.
I hope you will like this new version, we strongly encourage you to SEND US YOUR FEEDBACK about it, good or bad.