Mind that grading indications are not contractual. It’s just here to give you a quiet good idea of what to expect. We usually add in the description the main flaw of record and cover. We will be pleased to give you any more precise details if you ask us.


Sealed: Cover is covered with shrink and is factory sealed. It’s been never opened. Mind that sometimes sealed cover doesn’t means necessarily in perfect shape, we usually put adding information about condition if it’s the case.

M Mint: Cover looks like new, straight-from-the-factory, has no flaws. NM Near Mint: cover looks like straight-from-the-factory, but could have some very minor flaw, like slight storage warp.

EX Excellent: Cover is in great shape, no major flaw, maybe some very minor wears, mostly on the back.
VG+ Very Good Plus: The cover is in good shape, the cover art is still very enjoyable, but the cover could have some wears, minor tears and some small writings. This is a cover that’s been handled and used by the former owner.

VG Very Good:
The cover is in average shape. You have some tears, wears and maybe seams split, tape bands or light water damage.

 Cover has major wears and damages, like missing part, totally split seams or spine, or big water damage.

F: We usually don’t sell almost destroyed cover, but it could be the case for very special items. 


Sealed: As the cover is factory sealed, record is virtually perfect. Please ask if you want us to check condition by cracking the seal before shipping.

M Mint:
We use this grading only for record we’re totally sure has been never played, mostly stock/factory copy. It means the record looks like straight-from-the-factory, glossy and shiny like new.

NM Near Mint:
This is the same as Mint, it’s just that we’re not 100% sure it’s been never played a couple of time. Record looks like straight-from-the-factory, glossy and shiny like new.

EX Excellent:
Record is close to perfection, but could have a couple of scuff or very very thin hairlines.

VG+ Very Good Plus:
Record is in great shape but could have some minor flaw like thin hairlines, scuffs. This is the first grading with audible flaws, mostly very very light surface noises during quiet moments or tracks starting, or very light couple of clicks.

VG Very good:
Record is still enjoyable or DJ friendly, but have medium visual flaws like marks or deeper hairlines. It could have an overall backing noise that doesn’t overtake the music at all, or clicks and pops here and there.

G Good:
Record has noticeable at first sight damages like deep scratches and marks, causing loud backing noises, clicks and pops.

F Fair:
We usually don’t sell records with needle drop, skips or big warp causing distorded sound or unpleasant listening, but it could be the case for very special items.

that the major flaws (needle drop or skip, noticeable warp causing distorsion of sound) are always indicated on the description, no matter the grading is.