FRANCOIS DE ROUBAIX - L'Homme Orchestre (Vadim Music)

Amongst the massive reissue work by Vadim music, there's a small bunch of records that HAD TO BE reissued. This is one of those.  L'Homme Orchestre is the true Holy Grail of the French soundtrack and a real myth for the French diggers. The legend said only a hundred of this record escape from the destruction, because of a right problems with Hortensia and Philips. It was never released so you can imagine the rarity of it. Musically, this is probably the masterpiece by Francais De Roubaix before his electronic era. An incredible collection of inspired groovy music, with a lot of joy, humor and a fantastic richness in the arrangement, the perfect fusion between Cosma and Vannier, but with the distinctive touch of De Roubaix melody. "repetition" and "Judoka" will also please the beat and loop diggers. Essential!


30,00 €

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